Who is Cindy Kruger?

Cindy Kruger is a psychic medium

Cindy Kruger’s story

When my gran died in my 20s, I was able to establish a connection with her almost immediately from dream visitations to psychically seeing her presence and that didn’t scare me but rather brought me a lot of comfort. I was immediately able to pass messages onto the family. My grandfather passed away next, my gift allowed me to connect to my gran to know he had peacefully crossed over and helped explain the panic in waking up wet from head to toe, at the very minute he had passed away. From then onwards I would be able to connect to both my grandparents on very regular occasions. I became aware that death wasn’t final and there are many dimensions and that if we calm and really see, we would realise even though people die, they haven’t really left our side. I was involved in a horrific car accident that should have taken my life. I miraculously survived and I can explain the full audio from angels guiding the process to how the car was going to flip, to rolling, to protecting my neck so that it didn’t snap, the windscreen bursting in my face all happening while crashing the car. To being held up at gun point with a gun to my temple with my mother while we were being robbed and angels / spirit guiding me on how to calm the robbers down when they realised, we didn’t have the cash they were looking for. There were a few not so nice experiences for example dealing with rescue work where the soul is earth bound and can’t cross over. I realise now that it was opening me to see if I wanted to work in this and clearly from the scare I had, that didn’t become my calling. I realized I was more comfortable working with souls already crossed over but that doesn’t stop me now helping with the odd earth-bound soul. I began questioning what was my life purpose between late 20’s and even on my 30th birthday… asking myself, what am I meant to be doing? I had raged through corporate very quickly and successfully but never felt fulfilled. I met a few wonderful people whom helped me along the way to heal from past experiences and sharing common interests into the spiritual holistic path–but still not knowing or understanding my gift, I was already counselling and reading friends and crossing over to the other side but not owning or acknowledging it. Fear of owning who I was… I guess

What does Cindy Kruger Do?

Cindy Kruger assists people to communicate with passed souls. She also does readings on your life’s circumstances and offers advice.

What is a psychic and medium or are they the same?

The difference between a person who is psychic and a person who is a medium is that psychics can see past, present and future but don’t connect with loved ones/passed ones Mediums can connect with loved ones who have passed and a psychic medium is someone who can read both past, present and future and can connect to loved ones passed on.

How does Cindy speak to those who have crossed over

All 5 senses are raised in a reading, so you can have spirit communicate via sight / visions, hear, smell, touch / feel. Cindy will sit with you whilst writing key words down on a paper. She will then channel for a brief period and then the reading begins. The best way to describe the process is a three-way conversation between you, spirit and Cindy….”where is the coffee”

Does it matter how long people have been on the other side before they come through?

It is preferable to wait a month from the time of passing. This allows the soul to rest for the month from their passing.

How do I make a booking?

Use the contact form on www.cindykrugerpsychicmedium.co.za to make a booking.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

We would love you to subscribe to the newsletter which will keep you in touch with what appearances/webinars Cindy will be doing in the future and any special offers that may be running.

How do I schedule a session / reading?

Use the contact form on www.cindykrugerpsychicmedium.co.za to make a booking

What can I expect to get from a session / reading?

You can expect to get a lot of clarity and closure on your past, present and future as well as comfort connecting to loved ones passed on. This will give you clarity in the various areas you desire to know more about. More than that…expect great healing…

Do I get to communicate and ask questions during the reading?

You are more than welcome to specify certain areas for Cindy to focus on for your reading. Have your questions prepared beforehand!

What advice would you give to someone for their first time having a reading?

Firstly RELAX. Secondly enjoy the process of healing.

What if I hear something I don’t like or don’t want to hear?

It will be ok if you hear things you don’t want to hear. Everything good and bad is part of healing and so are the choices you make to ignore or let go what you don’t want to hear….

How can I prepare for a reading / session?

You may prepare for a reading by writing down questions you would like answered… for example: areas in your life that you would clarity on. Should you want to connect to a loved one crossed over, think of them or pray to them, asking for them to step forward for you in the reading.

What is spirit communication and healing?

Spirit communication and healing is another realm. stepping in to facilitate a direction and healing from another side. We don’t get to control the process at all but allow ourselves the opportunity to accept and allow the guidance….

Can I ask for advice on specific areas of my life?

Yes, you are more than welcome to specify certain areas for Cindy to focus on for your reading. Ask as many questions as you want to.

What can I expect after a reading, how will I feel?

Each person is different and will have an individual experience. Almost all, will leave with a great sense of comfort and closure and a positive outlook on the way forward in your life.

How much does a reading cost?

Everyone’s needs are different so the best way to get a quote and idea of cost is for you to contact Cindy via the booking form. https://cindykrugerpsychicmedium.co.za/book-a-reading-with-cindy/

How long is the waiting list before I get to have a reading with Cindy?

We will discuss this with you when you have made contact with us. Please note that the lead time to see Cindy changes all the time. Also, some people need URGENT help and we then prioritize their readings over others.

Can I have a reading done over the telephone?

Yes, you can.

Can I have a reading done over Zoom?

Yes, you can.

Can I have a reading done in person?

Due to Covid-19, Cindy will not be doing one on one readings at the moment.

Do you have to be in South Africa to have a reading done by Cindy?

You can be anywhere in the world for Cindy to do a reading with you. Readings are not location dependant.