Cindy is a psychic medium.  She works to bring comfort, love, help and healing through messages from those on the Other Side. She is guided by her instinct, the person being read, and those in spirit who wish to communicate and help their loved ones on earth. Her compassionate approach brings comfort and gives hope.  It guides direction and purpose. Despite the nature of the readings, Cindy keeps the sessions light-hearted.  You’lll be surprised to find there can be lots of laughter in between.

She draws on her own life experiences to assist during the sessions, and believes that each experience teaches a lesson. “Your life experiences can become the greatest tool that helps you guide another through similar experiences.”

As a psychic, Cindy Kruger has a following on various media platforms.  She regularly does readings on Lotus FM, Power FM and East Coast Radio. She has also appeared on Jacaranda FM, SAFM, Radio TODAY, Cliff Central and Touch HD.

Cindy is currently the host of Spirit on FOX Life on DSTV.